As an entrepreneurship educator, I teach about branding and creating a clear “footprint” that helps investors, prospective employees, partners, suppliers and customers quickly grasp the core value proposition of a product, company and entrepreneur. Some of my eClips experts, like professional coach and author Lois Frankel, even talk about building one’s personal brand. It got me thinking about putting together a website to showcase some of the ideas, innovations and beliefs I have about the scholarship of teaching and researching entrepreneurship.

Given the short attention span of all us these days, creating a personal website may seem a little old-fashioned. After all, don’t we have LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter and other places to plant our footprint? The answer is yes, but what I find missing in those exciting tools is an ability to present a customized portfolio, one that can include linkages across my activities and where I can brag about the accomplishments of my talented team. (And as you may know, most academics suffer from NIH – “not invented here.”)

My goals for the site are to:

  • create opportunities for future collaborations with those interested in my research.
  • encourage others to explore and use eClips.
  • start conversations with other educators about teaching ideas
  • inspire dialogue about innovations
  • answer questions from people curious about Prendismo the company I started in 2008.