Start with a Teaching Challenge, not Technology

I’m known as a early-adopter, bleeding-edge, gotta-have-the-latest gadget kind of woman. In fact, I just bought my third Kindle (had to go for the DX, you know?). Picture 11But when it comes to teaching with technology, nobody can tell you more than me about why you should think twice before using technology in your classroom. (To see both my successes and failures, visit the innovations section of my homepage.)

Even thought the risks involved every time you bring a computer into your classroom (outages, incompatibilities, malfunctions, etc.) are enough to send you back to the blackboard, I find technology seductive, addictive, downright irresistible to me AS LONG AS it solves a persistent teaching challenge.

Accordingly, here is what drove me to create eClips project, a collection of video and audio clips to support my courses in entrepreneurship and business.

  • I wanted to bring the stories of guest speakers to my students in a more integrated way, instead of in hour-long segments.
  • Attention spans have shortened; I wanted a way to renew them.
  • Cornell is “centrally isolated,” making it difficult to bring a diverse set of guests to campus.

After interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs and other business experts and leaders, I have built a large collection (13, 516 clips as of today) and used them successfully for a decade. They successfully solved all three problems. Now my goal is to get other educators/presenters to use them as well.


Therefore, this blog is dedicated to helping my readers learn how to make the best use of the audio and video clips they find, including those on eClips. I’d love to hear about YOUR teaching challenges and how I can help.