New eClips DVD! “Spotlight On Business Planning”

spotlightYou asked for it!   Our new eClips DVD – Spotlight on Business Planning.

Last year, we did a focus group with high school business educators to introduce them to the Cornell eClips Collection.  They loved it!  That was no surprise, since they are constantly trying new active learning strategies with a population of learners that is increasingly oriented towards digital media.

What did take me by surprise was when they asked us to produce a DVD with the clips on it.  “But isn’t that moving backwards in terms of technology?” I countered.  “We have 14,000 clips already all up online and downloadable.”  But they insisted that it would really have value if I would go through the collection on a specific topic, choose ONE clip per topic and provide it on a DVD they could just pop into their smartboards or DVD players and select the appropriate clip.

We took their advice and have started a DVD series called “Spotlight” where we plan to create a hand-selected collection of clips on a variety of subject matter. Our first one is focused on Business Planning.

An interesting point is that the educators said it would be fine to pay for this, even though viewing the clips in the collection online is free.  It reminded me of a great comment made by Jon Klein, founder and CEO of Topline Strategy Group.   He told me, “Look, if you are offering something for free and it is not getting adopted, then users are not perceiving it as free.”  Simple but profound point.   Our focus group said that the minimal free value of download was swamped by the cost (in time) of finding the right clips.

Here’s Jon’s more extended comment.  I also highly recommend learning more about his The Technology Adoption ContinuumTM .

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