Still Room at the Top

I have been watching the TV series Mad Men on my iPad while working out at the gym.  Aside from distracting me from the scream for oxygen I am feeling in my legs, the show gets me really worked up about the way women are treated by the smarmy executives and how they themselves see their options as so constrained.  Having grown up in the era portrayed, I can vouch for the fact that things have changed.

image40But.  After reading Catalyst’s new report “Pipeline’s Broken Promise,” I feel downright discouraged.  They report that even though women make up 40 percent of the global workforce, they hold just 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs, 15 percent of board directors at those companies, and less than 14 percent of corporate executives at top publicly-traded companies around the world.   Women are not participating in entrepreneurial wealth either.  I just got a peek at a recent study of entrepreneurial “dealmakers” in the NY city area and saw less than a handful of female names.

Guess there is still room for improvement.

Over the years I have taught my course, there are some common themes that arise in my conversations with the (mostly female)students in my course “Women, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.”   To respond, the eClips team has created podcasts from the relevant material.  Take a listen.

Theme 1:  “I don’t like to brag.  How do I promote and be assertive without coming across as bossy and abrasive?”

Podcast: [mp3j track=”″ title=”Finding Your Own Voice”]


Theme 2: “I don’t want to act like a guy.  How can I be powerful AND nice?”

Podcast: [mp3j track=”″ title=”Do Women Have To Act Like A Man?”]


Theme 3: “I do want a family, but I just don’t see how to work that out with an aggressive career path.”

Podcast: [mp3j track=”″ title=”Working Moms – Juggling Career And Family”]