About Prendismo

Prendismo showcases the eClips collection in a whole new light. Founded in July 2008, as the result of a commercialization agreement with CCTEC (Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise and Commercialization). The company is developing innovative and provocative ways to share an extensive collection of business insight.

Prendismo is:

  • A business resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • A channel through which companies can broadcast their brand to prospective customers, employees and partners
  • A provider of tagged content that can be used by publishers and information companies to expand existing asset bases and enliven print-based products
  • A tool for businesses wanting to capture the real stories of its executives and employees in order to capitalize on the content as a knowledge management tool for their organization.


What’s in a Name?

Our name, Prendismo (“pren-deez-mo”) came about because EntrePRENeur is so hard to spell.

We took:

  • the middle of word entrePRENeur
  • stretched it to the Spanish word for “PRENDer la luz” (“turn on the light”)
  • and added that there “IS MOre” behind every journey

The result: PRENDISMO

What is the relationship between eClips and Prendismo?

eClips is the scholarly collection and work that comes from my work at Cornell University. The agreement between Cornell and Prendismo allows the collection to flow through to the company for sublicensing and other commercial activity. The company can easily work with other firms, and extend what was created in an educational setting (we will build it, they will come) to a product line consisting of media processes, approaches, and content that has a real value proposition in the marketplace. While eClips is focused on business, there are no subject matter limits to the environments where the basic approach can be used to help capture important stories and make them accessible for business processes. Hospitals, on-line learning companies, consumer product firms, government entities, and non-profits businesses are just a few examples of commercial applications that are appropriate for Prendismo.

Content flows to Prendismo from eClips and benefits flow back to Cornell and help to support the collection, keeping it sustainable and available to to the community of educators.