Sound Advice is a “best-of” collection of video clPicture1ips that I have put together from my eClips Collection (now called the Prendismo Collection).  I looked through thousands of clips to find 2-5 great clips for major topics that entrepreneurship educators include in their courses/activities.

There are a lot of ways to use this site.  For example, teachers can use the clips in class to illustrate a topic or start a discussion.  Educators can also have students view clips outside class for a “flipped classroom” approach.

In choosing clips, I focused on content, but also looked for a variety of faces, industries and approaches.

Sound Advice will continue to grow and I welcome any reactions to my choices, suggestions of areas we might expand to next or any other feedback.  Feel free to reach out: dhs4@cornell.edu .

Deborah Streeter
Bruce F. Failing, Sr. Professor of Personal Enterprise and Small Business Management